EWO Infinite Group, a company at the forefront of security technologies EWO 10 January 2022

EWO Infinite Group, a company at the forefront of security technologies

The development of information and communication technologies is an essential vector of the activity of the EWO Infinite group.

All technical solutions used by EWO Infinite Group - in order to deliver learning programs and technological tools to its customers - are secured in order to preserve its activities. The guarantor of this function is Antonia Muller, Head of the IT sphere.

What exactly is IT?

IT is the acronym for Information Technology. The IT resources of the company are defined as the whole of the data-processing tools: the data-processing applications and the data bases, the licences, the fixed or mobile workstations, the peripherals etc.

I am in charge - among other things - of ensuring the proper use of all these information processing processes and resources, in compliance with the various regulations and laws in force. For example, the laws on the protection of personal data, including the Swiss LPD and its ordinance OLPD, and the RGPD of the European Union. The purpose of the law is to protect the personality and the fundamental rights of the persons who are subject to data processing.

In addition to ensuring the security of EWO Infinite's activities, what are the major projects you have implemented for the company?

Various projects are currently underway at EWO Infinite, but the priority is the implementation of the E-Store which will be one of our supports for the international development. In parallel we are studying a project related to cybersecurity. The latter will be based on the 3 pillars of confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). We integrate in this project parts of the ISO 27001 and 27005 standards as well as the RGPD regulation.

We are also working on continuous improvements by implementing support tools such as dashboards, data analysis (Analytics) etc.

Can you tell us about Single Sign On?

SSO stands for Single Sign On. The service authenticates the end user on all applications for which the user has been granted rights and eliminates future password requests for individual applications during the same session.

It is a solution to facilitate access to all our services and tools. It will be integrated into the ecosystem set up for the E-store.