EWO Infinite goes international EWO INFINITE 22 November 2022

EWO Infinite goes international

Last September, an EWO Infinite delegation, led by Patrice Vernay, President and Founder of the group, went to the Venice Film Festival at the invitation of Manuel Collas de la Roche, producer and filmmaker, President of the Better World Fund*.

Adrien Vétillard, Manager of the business development team at EWO, reveals the reasons for this move.

What was the purpose of this trip to Venice?

We went to Venice, invited by Manuel Collas de La Roche (with whom we have been in contact for a year), as part of the events he was organizing during the Venice Film Festival for his Better World Fund.
Our objective was to promote our activities, supported by Manuel who is himself a user of our technological tools for the development of concentration, including the PRK-1U. Going to Venice was a first step in this opening to the world and to the internationalization wanted by EWO Infinite. By getting in touch with people who are open to the work of consciousness development and who can help to promote our activities, our company has been able to anchor in the matter all the work done upstream for our international development.

What is your relationship with Manuel Collas de la Roche?

They are multiple. Indeed, Manuel being a user of our technological tools, it seemed important to us to establish our relationship by spending a few days together. Secondly, his Foundation which works for the "World of Tomorrow" is totally in line with the values advocated by EWO Infinite. The Better Word Fund responds to a humanitarian impulse from a society in need of authenticity and truth. Manuel's Foundation - through films and documentaries from different countries - defends, promotes and supports all the actors in the shadows who work on behalf of culture, education, environmental preservation, expansion, compassion throughout the world?
We have, therefore, a real dynamic of consciousness in common.

What results did you obtain after these 3 days of travel?

We were there to embody the values of EWO Infinite, to spread the knowledge of our activities, to strengthen our links with Manuel and to develop our network. The results obtained are very positive. Many personalities from all over the world who were present at the time have embraced our activities. We organized a masterclass of presentation, with practical application, whose outcome was very encouraging. We are now working on getting these people to become our ambassadors in their respective countries.

What is the next step in this international development?

We are in the process of setting up a more permanent partnership with Manuel Collas de la Roche.
In a few months, we will go to the Red Sea Film Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, still with Manuel and his Foundation. This will allow us to continue developing our network and spreading our knowledge. With the theme "Film is Everything", this festival will offer a special platform to celebrate cinema and different cultures with a real opening of horizons. In short, the perfect event to continue our openness to the world!

* https://www.betterworld.fund