EWO Infinite Group's commitment to the planet EWO 22 February 2022

EWO Infinite Group's commitment to the planet

EWO Infinite Group, partner of the Swiss Aquaverde Association

In 2021, EWO Infinite Group will enter into a partnership with the Swiss Association Aquaverde*. The objective is to support financially, and in a sustainable way, the reforestation projects on the territories of the indigenous peoples that Aquaverde accompanies in Brazil.

* https://www.aquaverde.org


Founded in 2002, the non-profit Aquaverde Association aims to promote and support all initiatives designed to bring a new dimension to the interaction between man and the environment. With the perspective of sustainable development and the dignity of peoples, to safeguard human life on the planet.

As a result, Aquaverde is investing its efforts in safeguarding the Amazon rainforest, a treasure trove of biodiversity that remains one of the key elements in the planet?s climate regulation and, together with the Amazon River, its hundreds of tributaries and springs, accounts for a quarter of the world?s fresh drinking water reserves.

The association supports projects that combine reforestation with sustainable economic development for indigenous populations, proposing economic and social alternatives to forest destruction.

An ecological and sociological partnership

EWO Infinite Group therefore decided to make its contribution by becoming one of the partners supporting Aquaverde in its mission, in line with its societal values.

Allied with the Olawatawa medicinal plant center, EWO Infinite Group - through Aquaverde - is working to recover the forest in degraded areas, with a reforestation project, in order to contribute to the mitigation of greenhouse gases on the global climate and to conserve the water resources that benefit the indigenous territory and surrounding area.

This partnership is not only ecological, but also sociological. In addition to the selected plants, the EWO Infinite Group also supports the financing of the workforce, the transport of workers and the tools.

In addition, all the selected trees and plants (the first shoots of which were planted between December 2021 and March 2022) will reinforce the traditional culture of the area?s indigenous peoples, offering them the opportunity to revive the use of ancestral medicinal plants. True preservation of an age-old ecosystem...

For customers and employees: an action that makes sense

EWO Infinite Group builds, day after day, an economy of perpetual development that serves humanity by preserving the environment. Concretely, for each technological teaching tool sold, the group commits to plant a tree in the Aquaverde project.

  • For customers, this is a strong commitment and above all a way to really participate in local and environmental development.
  • For the employees, it is both a source of pride and mobilization. Once again, it is a very concrete way of making an ecological and social commitment to the local communities of the Amazon.
  • For all stakeholders, this mobilization alongside Aquaverde is a tangible demonstration of the vision of ecological and societal preservation that EWO Infinite Group wishes to convey. And this is the mark of a real lever of differentiation.

Through its investment in Aquaverde, the Group is demonstrating its social responsibility and its commitment to sustainable development: commitments aimed at reconciling environmental protection and human development for its customers and employees.

EWO Infinite Group is already committed to planting 800 trees by the end of 2022.