Compliance, a springboard for the development of everyone EWO 24 January 2022

Compliance, a springboard for the development of everyone

Understanding and integrating compliance processes is a springboard for development for each individual, but also for humanity and the world

To adapt the necessary strategies in order to respect the laws, the standards, the regulations in force as well as external as internal to the company, that is the definition of the term Compliance. At EWO Infinite Group, Barbara Delsaux is the guarantor of this legal compliance.

Why is compliance important?

Failure to comply with compliance guidelines, whether it is illegal behavior or failure to adhere to internal company standards, can have serious consequences for a company. This includes, for example, claims for damages and fines, which can result in both financial and reputational damage. A sustainability-oriented company does everything in its power to avoid such damage.

How do you work on a daily basis to ensure this compliance at EWO Infinite Group?

First of all, we are putting in place strategies and organizational measures that will ensure that we are always in line with the directions we have taken at the operational level.

It is then a matter of setting up a permanent audit that allows us at any time to respond to any institution in an instantaneous way by having an updated documentation and by constantly following the legal and regulatory updates of our activities (legal watch).

We are aware of commercial issues (consumer protection), data protection, training regulations, banking regulations (aspects of flows and their justification in an international context), labor law... but also in relation to the internal standards of the company.

What is your approach to compliance?

I have never liked frameworks for the sake of frameworks, regulations for the sake of regulations. In order to implement this sustainable compliance management system of our group, I would like each of us to understand, consider and integrate the processes that have been put in place so that we can slide with them in the current of development and never consider them as obstacles but as springboards of development for each one of us, for our group EWO Infinite as a whole and consequently for the company as a whole.

In short, the Compliance sphere is an ally of the other spheres, acting as an external advisory body to develop, advise, train and monitor compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements.