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Societal upheavals, the depletion of vital resources, and climate change are the current challenges that humanity can meet through a new approach to education and innovative technologies in conjunction with research. Our international educational and experimental activities are concrete proposals to accompany this opening.


EWO Infinite Group is dedicated to the creation, development, enhancement, exploitation and distribution of intellectual property rights and licenses, patents, trademarks, technologies, education and training systems.



The company has a department dedicated to the translation of international scientific research, resources and teaching, allowing the valorization of the contents it distributes.

A team of certified teachers accompanies the daily provision of the work obtained.


Academic activities

In order to meet the current challenges, EWO Infinite Group designs innovative trainings to accompany each human being and each company towards an optimal deployment.

By relying on transdisciplinary knowledge and methods that are both avant-garde and in perfect adequacy with the requirements of the present time, our training courses respond precisely to the needs of the job market, which demands more and more transversal and human skills.

These courses will soon be offered in an online academy. It is intended to be deployed progressively on an international scale thanks to a multilingual distribution.

The three letters of EWO stand for E like Evolution, W like World and O as Openness. It is the DNA of the group and the movement EWOlution which is to reimagine the human experience by pushing the limits of what is possible.

It is in this context that EWO Infinite Group launches EWOlution. It is an innovative movement that allows each person to reinvent and transform him or herself in order to dare to reach their potential. Improve your understanding of the world, of others and of yourself to live a healthier, richer and more fulfilling life.

For EWO Infinite Group, EWOlution is more than just a personal development program, it is a new way of life that is proposed, a process to reinvent ourselves every day, to discover who we really are and to embody it in our daily lives.

Intensive seminars

The offers currently proposed online by EWO Infinite Group are intended to be accessible to all, in dedicated locations: in France, in Africa and in Canada.
EWO Infinite Group aims to enable its customers to experience the lessons more quickly during intensive 10-day seminars.
Everyone will be able to live a unique experience in a setting that values nature, well-being and living together.


Technologies of consciousness

EWO Infinite Group provides innovative technologies to support the human being in the development of his natural abilities, such as the development of cognitive and creative capacities. These technologies allow the acceleration of the individual and societal evolution which is now, more than ever, necessary.


Projects in development
and contributions

Through its investment in research and development, EWO Infinite Group is helping to spread technologies that shape our common future.

The company establishes partnerships with many actors of today's world, supporting their projects. Our company is also committed to ecology, actively contributing to the reforestation, preservation and development of the ancestral cultures of the first peoples.



The structured transdisciplinary team at your disposal pilots your projects with you, taking into account your objectives and the environmental parameters necessary for their realization.
Our synergistic approach upgrades your desires and their implementation!
We accompany you with efficiency in the creation of values for your project.

  • Placing your project in the light of the future
  • Technical expertise
  • Advice & Design
  • Optimization & delivery

EWO Infinite enriches its teachings with concrete practices and exploratory studies


The technologies we offer are based on the experiences of men and women. Thanks to this attention to each feedback, we are able to constantly improve this field.

Research & Development

We are setting up new development projects related to the mastery of energy through thought and the beneficial effect of consciousness structuring technologies on the human being.