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Plural experiences




The strength of the EWO Infinite Group lies in its members' rich professional and personal backgrounds, driven by a strong sense of reason for being virtuous.

EWO Infinite GroupOur team is made up of about forty employees whose multidisciplinary skills and expertise allow us to develop our activities harmoniously. Each of them develops his or her talent in our different spheres: People & Organization, Marketing & Communication, Administration and Finance, IT, Education, Commercial Operations & Sales Administration.

Patrice VernayFounder of the group

Barbara DelsauxLegal & Compliance Director

Nicolas GoullencourtAdministration & Finance Director

Fana GueyeMarketing , Strategy & Communication Director

Mathieu SacrispeyreIT Systems & Processes Director

Antonia MullerSupport & Client Happiness Director

Julien ChâtelOperational Marketing Manager

Adrien VétillardBusiness Development Manager

Expertise in the team ...

Each member of EWO Infinite, with his or her expertise and uniqueness, represents a valuable asset in achieving the company's goals.

Our ambition is excellence and inclusion. Thus EWO Infinite Group :

  • is open to all and proud of these differences,
  • develops autonomy and encourages the blossoming of all talents,
  • is attentive to the well-being and balance of its employees,
  • is asserting itself through excellence, a real source of innovation, social anchoring and a real lever for performance and commitment.

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Patrice VernayPresident and founder of EWO Infinite Group

After starting out as an elite Swiss alpine skier, a serious accident forces Patrice Vernay to redefine his priorities. He then embarks on an initiatory quest that will lead him to the four corners of the planet, while at the same time leading an intense professional life.

In 2008, when he took over the Swiss family business that he will make profitable, he created his first company in the communication and event sector. As a starting point for what he will develop throughout his career, he named it 0POINTZERO.

Forerunner and avant-gardist in his approach to business management, he multiplied his professional experiences over a period of twelve years, always as a founding member, manager or president of various companies (CISM International Foundation, Digital Link, FRV Group, Château Swiss SA, etc.).

With an unquenchable thirst for learning, in line with his spiritual evolution, he gradually developed a holistic vision of what corporate work should be, linked to personal development and the permanent evolution of the human being.

Visionary and precursor, Patrice Vernay finally directs his professional activity in the fields of innovation, experimental science and technology, intended for a harmonization for all in a process of evolution of our society.

In 2020, he created EWO Infinite Group and has never stopped looking for innovative solutions to enhance human capacities around concentration.

Barbara DelsauxLegal & Compliance Manager

Born in Genoa, Italy, Barbara grew up as a citizen of the world. Throughout her career, this lawyer, graduate of the Université Libre de Bruxelles and piano teacher has never ceased to stage the beats of life at the crossroads of law, art and culture.

Certified PMP and senior legal expert for more than 15 years in international law and environment, with a strong experience in business development, opening international markets, setting up and structuring legal entities on start-up projects, Barbara has always enjoyed the entrepreneurial environment. She has contributed to the development and success of several projects and their compliance, notably in Switzerland (La Cuillère Suisse, Gilbert Albert, The Beauty Suite by laclinic?).

Enthusiastic, with a high degree of autonomy, she is used to working in a stimulating environment. She will join the EWO Infinite Group team in 2021 to support and contribute to the legal and administrative sphere.

Nicolas GoullencourtAdministration & Finance Director

Since 2006, Nicolas has been deploying his skills in Swiss companies - most of which are part of large international groups - in both operational and corporate areas.

Nicolas worked in hotel groups as an accountant and then as a financial controller until he was appointed Finance and Administration Manager for Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts in Zurich.

He also held this position at Silvershadow Studio LLC (a London-based company specializing in advanced digital visualizations, CGI animations and virtual reality).

In December 2021, Nicolas joins EWO Infinite Group to bring his experience and support to the Management Committee in the administrative and financial part related to the development of the company.

Fana GueyeMarketing , Strategy & Communication Director

Mathieu SacrispeyreIT Systems & Processes Director

With a degree in engineering and a Master's in strategy, Mathieu started his career in a startup managing numerous innovative technology projects for several industries (energy & renewable energies, aeronautics, railways, space...) before becoming General Manager.

Based on these experiences, he became an independent consultant, speaker and trainer in strategy, innovation and organization, mainly in the energy, new technologies and agriculture sectors.

At the same time, Mathieu has never ceased to pursue his personal development path, in search of meaning and ways of functioning of organizations to better respond to them. This is how he discovered and studied ecovillages and opal companies in several countries. As he moves forward on this path, he crosses that of EWO Infinite Group that he joins in May 2020 to accompany the success of this "ambitious project via the human and organizational structuring of the company."

Antonia MullerSupport & Client Happiness Director

For 20 years, Antonia, international project manager, has carried out various missions, such as the implementation of ERP, evaluation of user needs and tools, reorganization of structures or implementation of procedures between different departments and countries.

Specialized in the development of European structures in the fields of IT and sales, Antonia now puts her technical, operational, strategic and managerial expertise at the service of the international growth of EWO Infinite Group which she joined in 2021.

Julien ChâtelOperational Marketing Manager

After working in several communication and public relations consulting agencies, Julien Châtel then specialized in digital marketing, in order to support companies in their online development and growth. He joined EWO Infinite Group in 2021.

Julien Châtel is a graduate in Public Affairs from the Institut Supérieur de Commerce de Paris (ISC) and the European School of Economic Intelligence (EEIE).

He also earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

Adrien VétillardBusiness Development Manager

For 15 years, Adrien has worked on a wide variety of missions. Among them: consulting in information systems, change management and facilitation for large groups in the energy and transport sectors (GrDF, ErDF, RATP, STIF) and business development and coaching missions for the Serenity Coach Institute.

Her keen interest in the different cultures and ways of life in the world and numerous trips to the 5 continents have allowed her, among other things, to develop a great open-mindedness and adaptability in all circumstances.

Adrien holds a Master 2 "Geomatics, geomarketing and multimedia" (2009) and is a certified Professional Coach RNCP since 2017.    

He will join EWO Infinite in spring 2022 to actively participate in the diffusion of the products and technological tools throughout the world, by providing his commercial, managerial, coaching and facilitation skills.