Commitments EWO INFINITE 13 November 2021


Corporate Social Responsibility

Adopting and promoting integrity and ethical behavior in all our actions and relations with our partners and collaborators is part of the strong commitments of EWO Infinite Group.



EWO Infinite Group has defined rules of conduct and principles of action that must guide the behavior of all the company's employees, the various stakeholders and its partners, in terms of ethics, environmental, social and societal responsibilities.

Considering the place of the man in the universe implies to take care of its ecosystem. Therefore, EWO Infinite Group takes care of the Earth in its developments as well as its deployments. The selected partners must act in the same way.

Through its actions, EWO Infinite Group aims at a high level of coherence in its development, thanks to its commitment to both society and environment.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint, the products used are sustainable or recyclable, and employees are made aware of the good practices of digital tools consumption, in particular through the welcome booklet offered to each newcomer in the company.

EWO Infinite is also defined by its corporate culture, a true mirror of the lessons it teaches.

Our model

virtuous organization

For EWO Infinite Group, the notion integrity of each individual is paramount. We allow each individual to evolve and move forward according to who they really are. By respecting our corporate valuesIn this case, it is a matter of being focused on the path as much as on the result.

Our company is made up of "spheres", each with a specific role. With this particularity that characterizes us: spheres focused on the well-being of our employees and our customers. Because we believe that each being that evolves harmoniously supports the global harmony of the whole.